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Welcome to Locomotion Scotland

We are a Glasgow based travel advisory service and travel blog that specialise in organising travel itineraries for Scotland.

Scotland is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. From powerful peaks to untouched beaches, glorious food and drink to spectacular golf courses, we like to think it has something for just about everyone. The only hard part is taking these great assets and putting them all together in a way that ensures you get the very best experience possible.

As Scots ourselves, we want to make absolutely sure that you have a simply amazing time in our country. It’s been said many times that local know-how and input is invaluable to the world traveller and ours is a country that can present plenty of planning challenges. Whether it’s being pre-warned of hazardous Highland road trips or a top tip of a hidden urban delight, this is where we come in. From our own base of local knowledge and our experience and contacts in tourism we know we can help put everything together to make your travel here easier, more economical and, of course, even more memorable. To show we are serious about value, our itinerary prices start at just £3.

To begin, have a look through our ever-expanding Scotland travel blog. We like to make sure that we offer only up to date and first hand information which means regular trips around the country to find the best spots. It also means we write about them!  After that just drop us an email or contact us on social media to chat through your travel thoughts. We’ll then be with you every step of the way to make your next trip to Scotland perfect.

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