Kelvingrove’s exhibition pays a unique tribute to World War 1. Every year on the 11th of November at exactly 11 AM, we remember the end of the conflicts that started WWI. World War I was a truly dreadful event, and the heart-breaking effects of death are terrible; people can’t deny the misery the war has brought them.

I can feel the heartache and sorrow of the victims of WWI, and I am honored to have witnessed the special tribute at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Kelvingrove Art Gallery is one of the best museums in the world. Their current exhibition, Brushes with War; Art from the Front Line 14-18, showed how those affected by the conflict survived the horrors of the front line.

An interesting fact about the exhibit is that the 219 artworks on display were not drawn or painted by professionals, they were captured directly from the sources. The men in those trenches remember these painful memories in despair. These emotions were accounted for by the soldiers who were hoping that these painful times will come to an end.

The exhibition features several points of interest like:

  • The acknowledgment of the roles of women in the war
  • An overview of what was really happening during the war
  • Effects of WWI to the mental wellbeing of the people involved

After a day at the exhibit, I realized that the pain WWI has brought is never-ending. In some instances, the pain was overpowered by the memories brought by WWII.

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