Did you know that most tourists have signed in and are willing to receive two factor SMS, market SMS newsletter from various tour and travel sectors? It is for this reason alone why you should consider marketing texts as a way to promote your tourist business. With such a method, you’ll be able to gain more bookings which, in turn, can lead to more sales. Here are some tips that will help you:

Bookings Confirmation

Picture this scenario as a tourist: you have found yourself forgetting the exact date you booked for a holiday. Making matters worse, you end up booking twice or incurring some fines.

Needless to say, you wouldn’t want that to happen to your client. With business marketing messages, you can send automated bookings confirmations and some reminders to your customers on the upcoming holiday event. It will not only enhance good customer experience, but it will also create a chance to upsell seat upgrade and tourism insurance.

Service Updates

To reduce complaints and give your customers a sense of satisfaction, provide them with a short text code and maybe a keyword whenever they want to send a message. In case of service changes like delays and interruptions, you can also text them updates. It will help improve customer service and save you time which you would otherwise consume in answering the same inquiry several times.

Message Ticketing

To save your clients time and effort in searching through their pockets and belongings to present tickets in the checkpoints, you can utilize the messaging cards instead. This way, you can come up with a safe, secure, traceable mobile ticket that can be sent out by text, stored to your clients’ phone, and redeemed whenever needed.

Text Loyalty Cards

Have you been searching for a convenient method to boost your brand loyalty? With a customized text loyalty card, you can give clients incentives and discounts to increase bookings with you. It is useful in theme parks when attempting to persuade clients to return.

Customized Mobile Vouchers

If you have an upcoming or sudden event that you need to fill in quickly, a personalized mobile coupon would be the best bet. You can enhance sales and encourage clients to book by texting exclusive vouchers via message.

Feedback from Clients

Most businesses don’t take customer feedback seriously, yet it is one of the most crucial ways that can help improves your sales. Even though you may employ email surveys, they still have their drawbacks. It is because the response rate is usually inadequate and can’t reach the primary target.

However, that’s not the case with mobile surveys as clients can frankly complete the questionnaires at their time and with ease. For instance, the local text tool has a user-friendly format in which a customer can’t fail to open and complete it.


With the use of an SMS marketing strategy in your tourist business, you will be able to reap great benefits. Some of them include enhanced bookings, improved brand loyalty, and enhanced customer service.

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