CBD oil has taken the market by storm, especially after the legalization of marijuana. According to Green the vote ok, there are several uses of the oil, but most users primarily are after its pain-relieving properties.  Since CBD oil alleviates anxiety, people with flight phobia are using it while flying.

However, is that allowed?

Recently, in May, there was a woman who was arrested for having CBD oil which she claimed it helped reduce her arthritis pain. Is the arrest justified? The answer is, yes.

Flying with CBD Oil

The Farm Bill in 2018 December legalized the production and consumption of cannabidiol oil under specific requirements. In the same spirit, more and more states began legalizing marijuana.

This legalization had CBD oil incorporated in drinks, and the herb has managed to make various appearances in restaurants and social places. While this is not expected to stop, there has been a concern about traveling with CBD.

Therefore, before you decide to go on a flight with a CBD oil, you have to first:

Know the Source of your CBD Product

There is a difference between marijuana, hemp, and cannabis. In as much as the words are used as synonyms, they aren’t. Cannabis is categorized into three types: sativa, ruderalis, and indica. Hemp is under cannabis sativa while marijuana fits either as a sativa or indica.

The chemical composition of both has THC which is intoxicating. CBD, on the other hand, is associated with numerous medical benefits. Marijuana has a high THC percentage while hemp has the least.

Is CBD Legal?

Some states have legalized cannabidiol oil but have made it illegal when used as a food additive. Therefore, you should first check with the laws of the country you are traveling to.

Also, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the legality of CBD oil based on the different regulations surrounding marijuana and hemp. You might find a state where oil from marijuana is illegal while that from hemp is not.

Flying in Possession of CBD Oil with THC is Illegal

At the airport, TSA agents are required to check for any product that has marijuana.  It should not be a cause of panic if you are traveling to a state where cannabis is considered legal.

However, if it is a state where marijuana is illegal, then you should be concerned. Some states have legalized traveling with CBD oil for the sole reason that it helps with epilepsy in children.  If the oil calms your anxiety, consider taking it before your flight or finding an alternative.


For now, no technology helps airport officials determine which oil comes from hemp or marijuana. Considering the fast-changing laws surrounding hemp and marijuana, and the differences between state and federal laws, we strongly discourage traveling with cannabis.

If you must travel with any CBD product, consider checking the laws of the state you are going to. In the event that it is a prescription, carry the prescription documentation with you. This way, you can avoid undergoing arrests.

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