Even with the growing popularity of using Cannabis Oil in the United Kingdom, there is still a lot of confusion concerning its use and legality. People have started to generalize the word cannabis, relating marijuana and CBD as being one and the same. In fact, marijuana is just a part of the cannabis sativa plant family and CBD oil is just an extraction from the marijuana plant diluted with coconut oil or hemp seed oil.

What is the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil

CBD comes from the whole cannabis sativa plant, extracted from its stalks, leaves, and flowers. Hemp seed oil comes from the plant’s small seeds only.

A product should contain only less than 0.2% of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a cannabinoid compound found in marijuana, for it to be legal. THC is the main cause of the feeling of “getting high”, but the use of both CBD and hemp seed oil does not produce this so-called sensation.

Compared to CBD oil, hemp seed oil contains only a lesser concentration of cannabidiol (CBD), but it is still rich in compounds and nutrients that may improve one’s health. But still, CBD oil has more potential health benefits than hemp seed oil due to its CBD concentration.

Laws concerning the use of marijuana and hemp in the UK

In 1971, under the Misuse of Drug Act, dealing with marijuana would mean 14 years in prison, since it has been considered as a class B drug. In 2004, it was classified as a class C drug, but it was reinstated again as a class B drug in 2008.

At present, many governing authorities across the country admit not imposing strict rules concerning the use of marijuana but instead focus more on dealing with serious crimes.

Though the use of marijuana is illegal in Great Britain, in irony, it is the world’s largest exporter of legal marijuana. In addition, the Marijuana company GW Pharmaceuticals producing Sativex and Epidiolex is also based on the island itself. Thus, in November 2018, after much research, the medical use of cannabis had been legalized as it helps in improving the quality of life of children diagnosed with epilepsy.

In contrast, hemp has more legal status than marijuana since it has a lower value of THC. Hemp is another type of cannabis sativa plant which is also known to have good nutritional value.

Where to buy CBD oil in Scotland

The following are places where you can get CBD oil:

High streets in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Holistic Hemp Scotland -a brand offering a wide selection of CBD products

Cannadonia CBD -a family-run business outside Edinburgh that also offers  a variety of CBD products

With the laws slowly changing concerning the use of marijuana, hemp, and CBD, it is possible that the medical use of these products in the future will be part of the norm. In fact, CBD products have become very easy to acquire, especially in Scotland. With this knowledge, one can be confident to use and buy these health products without questioning its legality.

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