Being afraid of riding in elevators can be embarrassing and can affect your social life. Your fear can be like breaking into lift parts UK and that can be related to Claustrophobia, being enclosed in a place with other people, being stuck in a situation that one cannot escape, and the lift being noisy. The fear could be mild or severe. However, you can overcome the fear by riding in an elevator in a controlled manner, practicing breathing and relaxation techniques, and dealing with negative thoughts that may come your way.

  • Gradually Face your fear

In this case, you are advised to make a list of what riding in an elevator entails. After breaking down the steps, you should learn to get over the fear step by step. Secondly, you should build a fear ladder. Arrange the list, starting with what frightens you the least, then followed by what scares you most.

The next step required is for you to practice the steps in the ladder. You are expected to keep practicing the steps more often until you become less anxious. If a step seems long like riding in an elevator, stay in it long enough so that the anxiety levels can decrease. If you remain in a situation for a long time, you are likely to develop enough muscles, which will make you feel less challenged next time you are faced with the situation.

However, avoiding a situation will only make you fear the situation more. You are also supposed to prepare accordingly. This depends on the steps of riding on an elevator that scares you the most. In this case, you should plan how you will put yourself at ease ahead of time.

  • Use Relaxation Techniques

It would help if you also adopted some relaxation techniques when riding in an elevator. One of the relaxation techniques you need to try is deep breathing. Another method you can choose to work is meditation. Through meditation, you can get a natural breathing rhythm. Thus, when riding in an elevator, focus on what will make you have a natural breathing rhythm.

Coming up with some positive coping statements is another technique you need to adopt. Tell yourself something good about riding in an elevator. You can also choose to distract yourself by having something else you can do when riding in an elevator. To do this, you can browse the internet through your phone. You could also start talking with the people inside the elevator.

  • Fight Negative Thought

One way to overcome negative thoughts is by having the right information with you. If your fear is based on you having an accident in the elevator. You need to know that accidents related to lifts do not occur. Thus, when you are riding in an elevator, you need to remind your self that the probability of an accident occurring is very low.

It would be best if you also wrote down your anxious thoughts. Through this, you can quickly evaluate them, thus reducing your concerns. However, if the fear of riding in Elevators/ lifts persist, you should consider seeking professional help.

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