Building a great travel app can be challenging and and can easily engage a mobile app developer. If you are an app developer who is passionate about travel app development, then this guide is for you. You will find all the information related to app development and expert tips on how to succeed in the venture.

The Ever-growing Travel Industry

Hospitality and travel industries are growing each day, creating massive wealth and opportunities for many people. It is estimated that the industry thrives on a budget of over 6 trillion dollars per year, with annual revenues from tourism amounting to 1.3 trillion dollars.

With international tourists being affluent customers, a travel app developer stands a chance of generating huge profits when travelers use the app. Tourists are known to be big spenders as they are mainly composed of middle or high-class income earners. In short, the travel industry is full of money that you can tap by being creative.

An Excellent Opportunity for App Developers

Developing mobile travel applications presents an excellent opportunity for developers because the majority of travelers use these applications to book or reserve travel activities. Approximately 80% of travelers use mobile travel applications, and this makes mobile devices to be a source of revenue in the travel industry.

The attention of many travelers is on smartphones, and for you to draw their attention, you must target the mobile devices. You should develop mobile applications related to travel, and they will surely download and install them in their smartphones.

You can develop apps that will guide them on hotel booking, planning their trips, or buying air tickets. With these and many other apps, you will generate revenue and also get endorsements from brands to advertise their products through your apps.

How to Develop Travel Applications

Developing a mobile travel app requires knowledge and expertise as it has to have key features to make it perfect for use. These features include:

  • Weather forecasting
  • Emergency services
  • Booking and reservation
  • Trip planning
  • Navigation and map integration
  • Reviews and recommendations
  • Transportation

Why a Mobile Travel Website is Not Recommended

Recent research showed that travelers prefer mobile applications to websites. Mobile applications have critical KPIs that make them better than mobile sites. The findings also indicated that conversation rates through apps are four times higher than on websites. Therefore, an app will have higher traffic and will generate more revenue compared to a website.

Monetizing Travel Apps

After you have developed your app, you need to customize it with features that will bring in revenue. Such monetizing methods include:

  • Paid downloads
  • Advertising
  • Paid subscriptions
  • Premium features
  • Affiliate sales such as commissions from bookings, tickets, etc.

Final Thoughts

There exist great opportunities to make money in the travel and hospitality industry. With the majority of travelers being affluent customers, developing a travel mobile application can be an excellent idea for an app developer. Therefore, if you are a mobile app developer, you should use the above guide to create a travel app as it is an excellent source of revenue. However, you should add the relevant features to make it suitable for use by all travelers.

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