You may think of being vegan while travelling is kind of unpleasant since you become really picky when it comes to food plus, you may not be able to try the destinations delicacies. However, you can still check vegan options at Krispy Kreme and have the best traveling experiences while eating your plant-based diet. Here are some tips that you can look at if you are vegan while travelling.

Bring your own snacks

Try bringing snacks that are really easy to pack, easy to transport, and the kinds that will not create a mess while you travel. Foods such as whole wheat bread with nut butter, protein bars, nuts, and trail mix are just some foods that you can bring with you while traveling.

Contact restaurants before going

Have a list and consider also non-vegan restaurants. Sending them an e-mail or calling them would be a great help to you. Inquire about their vegan menu or if there is none, ask them how they accommodate vegans since a lot of dishes can be turned into vegan just by modifying the ingredients.

Search for Vegan haven places

Search before and even during your travel about the restaurants nearby the place that offers the best vegan meals. There are several crowdsourcing sites that will show you vegan restaurants when you typed in “Vegan” on their search bar. Sites such as Yelp, HappyCow,, TripAdvisor, and will help you find a vegan restaurant around the place you are at. Some also contain food reviews that will surely help you!

Stay where the kitchen is available

Check the accommodations available on the place and prioritize places where the kitchen is available and allows you to cook your own food. Hostels and condominiums usually have a shared kitchen or a kitchen for your own while there are rarely hotels that offer a room with a kitchen. Another tip, check for available local vegan delicacies that you can cook to add to some of your traveling experience.

Check out the nearest grocery store

For every destination you travel, make sure that you check that nearest grocery store or market. Maybe you can also get accommodation nearby. This will make it easier for you to get that vegan ingredient that you will be needing to get and stock all the fruits and vegetables that you like. Also, it can be cheaper than often eating in restaurants while you travel.

End language barrier

By familiarizing several phrases in another language can be really of great help when you travel. Especially that you have some dietary restrictions, it is necessary to know the phrases that you will need to say for them to properly understand the ingredients that you want to your food.


Vegan while travelling doesn’t really give you the hassle and a hard time. You just have to know things that can really make your travel easier, enjoying, and awesome. Food restrictions don’t necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy going out on a trip. As I have said, some food can be turned into vegan-friendly in just as easy as one, two, and three so it doesn’t really matter if you are vegan while travelling or not.

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